My name is Shayden Oliver F, and I am a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and certified UX designer currently located in Texas, USA. I have a Bachelor of Science in Design Processes and Methodology and a minor in Studio Art. I've had a lifelong relationship with photography that has evolved tremendously since being introduced to the medium. I took my first photograph in elementary school using an old Polaroid 600 that I found while rummaging through my grandmother's closet. I fell in love with the art form on the Bermudian pink sand beaches of my childhood. It would be many more years before I had a nondisposable camera of my own: a grainy, Tmobile G1 3.2-megapixel phone. Since then, my personal repertoire has grown to include DSLRs, mirrorless, and analog cameras.  
I have a passion for reframing how we view and conceptualize the mundane. Let's connect and strategize about your vision. Together we can elevate the people, places, and products that matter to you to the level of a refined,  artistic subject. 

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